RxCalc 1.0.1 now available

We’ve been sorting through some user feedback, it’s great stuff! We noticed a recurring theme, “Why can’t I make adjustments after my initial calculation on a New Start.” We found that strange because you can definitely make adjustments after the initial calculation’s are performed. So, we did a New Start, and it became quite obvious why people were confused. The results table fills the screen perfectly and there’s no indication you should scroll down to make your adjustment!

RxCalc results version 1.0

So, we did a quick release to fix the problem. In 1.0.1 the screen will show and scroll to the bottom, where the adjustment fields are, right away. It’s animated so you now know there’s more data above if you’re interested in viewing it. The critical data lies at the bottom of the screen; Tau and Estimated Dose, plus Desired Dose, Given Every, and Calculate. We hope this clears things up. (NOTE: The values used in the illustrations were NOT entered by a Clinical Pharmacist, or a healthcare professional. They are for illustration purposes only.)

RxCalc results version 1.0

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