Calling all RxCalc Users

It’s been a while since we updated RxCalc and we’d like to know what you, our users, would like to see in a new release. We’re definitely interested in making RxCalc what you want.

Would you like different Pharmacokinetics Algorithms? We currently use Creighton, but we could implement others.

Would you like TPN support? Are there general usability changes you’d like to see? How about email support? Maybe templates for commonly used starts?

Let us know, we’re listening.

About Rob Fahrni

Rob is a husband, father, grandfather, and software developer. He started his career writing DOS based accounting software in BASIC, worked on Visio for 10-years, written a lot of C++/Win32 code, and now spends his time developing iOS Applications.

2 thoughts on “Calling all RxCalc Users

  1. I’d like to see a consult/report feature. Perhaps condensing the calculation results and relevant data on a single screen that could be printed via air -print or saved to the phone’s camera roll. Currently, there is no way to document a consult made using RxCalc.
    Thanks kindly…

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